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We supply women with a home to live in free of charge, where we help them get on their feet to live independently as productive members of society. We help them obtain jobs, childcare and education if needed, while teaching them basic life skills. The goal is to empower women to be able to provide for themselves and their children. We want to help break the cycle of welfare and poverty.

Most young women today have so much shame. Shame from what they’ve done or shame from what’s been done to them. So they think they’re ugly and unworthy of love. So, they cut and they numb themselves with drugs or alcohol and sex. They live recklessly because they’re worthless anyway, right?

But Jesus also experienced horrendous shame. On the cross. He was naked and exposed for all to see. Bruised and beaten. Spit upon. Laughed at and mocked. He did that to take away our shame! He did that because He VALUES YOU. Shame doesn’t have to be the end of your story. Jesus makes all things new.

What People Are Saying

“If you build it; we will fill it.”
– Guardian Ad Litem for Wake County

The Board



CEO Marcus Rench & Executive Director Holly Rench


Marcus is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson, MS). He was a craftsman before becoming a church planter and pastor.

Holly and Marcus have been married for thirty-four years and together have four daughters and one son. Raising teenage girls opened Holly’s eyes to the challenges women face in this world and the need to show unconditional love to them in their struggles. Inspired by the lives of Amy Carmichael and Elisabeth Elliott, she began taking the first few steps to do something about it.

dax palmer

Dax Palmer – Chairman


Dax serves Christ the King church of Raleigh as Director of Outreach and is responsible for community engagement. He has been married to his lovely wife Yolanda since 2009 and they have 3 kids. He enjoys spending time with family, reading books, and hanging out with his friends.



Craig and Kelly Hagood


Craig and Kelly are passionate about grace and second chances. Their marriage is an example of the redemptive power of forgiveness and second chances. (Yes, there is a story there!) Kelly and Craig have a yearning to help make a difference for others who also may need grace and a second chance. Together, they started the non profit organization OAKS Initiative in 2016 with a vision to impact their community for good. Craig serves as founder and president of OAKS Initiative, and Kelly serves as co-founder and executive director.

Craig has worked at House-Autry Mills in Four Oaks NC since 2001 serving in various roles prior to assuming role of president and CEO in 2010. Previously he worked for Cargill, Inc. (FL, IL, UT, KS, & MN), Con Agra (KS), and Southeastern Mills (GA) in various roles of operations, quality, and product development. He serves on the Board of Directors of North American Millers Association and Chairman’s Advisory Council of Grocery Manufacturers Association, and also was appointed to the North Carolina Education and Workforce Innovation Commission in July 2017. Craig has an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Food Science and a Masters in Agribusiness from Kansas State University.

Kelly is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. She worked approximately 20 years in manufacturing and quality management. A few years ago she felt called to step away from her job as an independent Quality Systems auditor and commit herself full time to volunteering in ministry and following God’s call to help others.

Craig and Kelly have three adult children, two of whom are married, and one granddaughter. They also have two dogs, an aged cat, and six backyard chickens. They are members of Connect Church in downtown Fuquay-Varina.


Susan Bradford


Susan Bradford was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She met her husband Geoff at Davidson in North Carolina. After seminary, they planted liberti church in Philadelphia. She and her husband are now serving at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC where she is a commissioned woman serving on the Shepherding Team. Susan is currently pursuing her Masters in Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Seminary. She is actively involved in the coaching ministry with Parakaleo, a ministry to church planting spouses. She is also mother to 6 sons, Garrison, Sam, Henry, Clay, Ezra, and Asher. In her spare time, Susan enjoys cultivating her garden, reading, cooking and baking as well as running.

laura jacimore

Laura Jacimore


Dr. Jacimore is a Radiation Oncologist practicing in Rocky Mount, N.C. She graduated medical school from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas, and completed her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She is also President of the Medical Staff at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount. When not working, Laura enjoys mentoring young women, sports, especially football and college baseball and cooking! She’s a master at making cheesecakes!

laura jacimore

Louri Hunt


Louri Hunt is a Patient Care Coordinator for a Urology Practice in Raleigh NC.  She is originally from Carencro, Louisiana but moved to the beautiful state of NC 12 years ago, where she met and married her husband, Preston and became step mom to Dalton and Paris, 10 years ago.  For me, the Welcome Mission started in 2001, when I met Marcus and Holly Rench and Laura Jacimore, through them, God changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Gail Barnes

Gail Barnes


Gail has been a whole-hearted Christ-follower since the age of 19. Several years after high school, she spent a year in Germany and England studying at Torchbearer Bible Schools and Child Evangelism Institute in Switzerland. Married in 1978, she became an “executive” homemaker. She and her husband, Ken, have raised and homeschooled 7 children and now enjoy 9 grand children. For the past four years she has cared for her parents in her home till her daddy, at age 90, went to be with the Lord and she continues to care for her mom. She serves the Lord at Sovereign Grace Church in Apex.

dick bowser

Dick Bowser

Advisor to The Welcome Mission


Dick Bowser is a graduate of Grove City College, Westminster Theological Seminary and Campbell Law School.  He practiced law in Washington, DC and then joined the faculty of Campbell Law School in 1992. He has taught a rather wide range of topics including constitutional law, legal philosophy, non-profit law, wills and trusts and estate planning. He also serves as an elder of Grace Presbyterian Church (Fuquay-Varina, NC) and as the chairman of the board of trustees at Covenant College.   He and his wife, Marta, have two adult children.

Our Mission


1. Our vision is that all young women would flourish in faith and life.

2. Our mission is to rescue young women in need from homelessness, drugs, prostitution, and abuse and then establish them so that they flourish in a relationship with God, the Church, their families and their communities.

3. Our values that guide everything we do are the following:

  • We are made in God’s image with worth and dignity.
  • We have been affected by the Fall and are sinners.
  • Christ became a man so that He might rescue us from our sin.
  • Christ was resurrected so that He might restore us to an abundant life.

Big Thank You

Supporting Organizations

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Life is Wonderful


Kari’s Story

I was one night away from being on the streets — homeless. My bank account was overdrawn, my car was repossessed and all my stuff was at a friend’s house. I was at the end of my rope.Why would it be worth getting up and calling for help after I had made a complete fool of myself and completely failed? I had done the worst!

It took being at my lowest point in life that He saw me at my highest. My heart began softening and opening up to His love. He brought the idea of messaging Holly for a place to stay.I had two options that night, to continue to live in sin or be faithful to God as He has called me to be. I put down the pride and got help for me and my son. As soon as I told her I was homeless and that I would be a burden and making excuse after excuse she replied with two words, “Come here.”

The next day I was welcomed with loving arms into The Welcome Mission. He put such beautiful people in my life!

I have learned about the beautiful gift of grace and there is nothing in my past that I have done or anything to come that if I don’t repent God will not forgive me. Jesus loved my son and I so much that He gave us a beautiful gift that I will never be able to repay but because Jesus died for us I don’t have to. He just wants my heart my obedience and faithfulness.

Erin’s Story

Erin came to us in the middle of the night. Her dad was at wits end. Erin was a typical teenager that felt misunderstood and wanted to be free from authority. Her home life seemed fine from the outside. She came from a large family and for many reasons Erin felt unloved and overlooked. So, she began to search for meaning and contentment from other places. She began sneaking out at night to meet guys and to get drunk. When her parents discovered this, they tried to discipline it out of her. When this didn’t work, they nailed her window shut. When this didn’t work and the home was literally being turned upside down, they called us.

“Bring her”, we said.

Erin came to us quite angry and distant. But it only took a few days for her walls to come down and she began to open up about what was happening at home. An authoritarian father that didn’t have affection or even time for his children. A mother that was too busy with the younger children to notice.

She needed unconditional love.  She needed to be heard. She needed to feel intimately attached to her family or she would find it elsewhere. During her stay with us, she found it. She found it in Jesus. It was the first time I’d ever had the honor of leading someone to Christ.

She returned home and continues to live for Jesus.

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